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Having over twenty years of experience in managing complex projects and advising senior leaders.

The model I work with is a unique and efficient way to make wise and right decisions, while mapping and analyzing future results. Based on uncertain variables.

Hi, I'm Eitan Reich

People who work with me tell me that I make difficult problems understandable and simple. But not simplified...  

Fit For Futures is a valuable tool and thinking process that people can apply in their daily work


Jordana, Learning Partner


Using Fit For Futures helped me think "out of the box". 

It was very helpful as a manager


Yotam, Co-CEO 

The Democratic Institute

Using Fit For Futures 

gave me the bigger picture

 I needed


Simon, Business Partner

UK National Health System

Who is it for ?

To be the best manager I can be

Managers make decisions, that is what you do!


If you are an experienced managers who's decisions are impacting important business functions like Business Development, Strategy, Innovation, Product, R&D, Operations, Client Success. Then you will benefit from using the Fit For Futures process to enable you to make the best decisions you have taken and to get the confidence you need in them. This will upgrade your managerial skills and career.

In a start-ups ecosystem, using the process is also very relevant to founders, CEOs and for investors and accelerators, searching or better market fit and fund raising strategies.

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